Polaris Water Heater

When looking for a water heater, Polaris is certainly one of the brands you should be shopping for. Why should you choose a Polaris water heater over many of the other water heater brands available on the marketplace? For one, all Polaris products are manufactured by the American Water Heater Company who pride themselves on quality products and as such are the most respected supplier in the United States.

The fact that a lot of pride has gone into making a Polaris water heater means that they are a very reliable unit and will last a very long time. Several high profile consumer studies have all found that Polaris are the market leaders on electric hot water heaters for reliability, some even mentioning that you should definitely get 10 to 15 years of flawless use before you need to think about buying a new one or doing maintenance.

How exactly does a Polaris high efficiency water heater last so long? The secret lies in the fact that the vital valve components are made from brass which is resistant to rust and other corrosive substances that might be found in a typical residential water supply. They are also created from high grade stainless steel which is a highly resistant and robust material. Polaris water heaters have also gained praise from consumers because of the way that the water heater will let you know if there is anything wrong with it.

Unlike other models of commercial water heaters on the market where you will only know of a problem until after it is too late to do anything about it, all Polaris models alert you to and diagnose a problem before it becomes serious enough to seriously compromise performance. As far as the actual residential range of water heaters is concerned, consumers are able to choose from up to 7 different gas powered models, with two sizes for each. Each Polaris water heater is assured of giving you up to 95% heat efficiency and some of the higher output models can produce as much as 255 gallons of hot water per hour.

As you may have realized by now, Polaris water heater prices are not going to be cheap, but what price are you willing to put on being able to count on a hot shower or bath every night? We all know that there is nothing worse than going to have a shower on a cold morning and discovering that there is no hot water. Prices usually hover between $3,000 and $4,000 depending on the model that you want to buy. Hence, you can be assured that you made a wise investment with Polaris water heaters.

The good news is that if you speak to authorized Polaris water heater dealers they will be able to set you up with a government rebate which can take up to $1,500 off your income tax. With this sort of rebate, you got more reasons to opt for quality and enduring Polaris water heaters. Install one at home and get a better water heating system today!

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